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logo design

Your logo says a lot about your brand, it’s usually the quickest way to make a good impression on a potential customer or client. Our designers will work closely with you to draft and evolve a logo design that best represents your business. We take the time to incorporate right feel and look to all our logo designs, so that your target audience makes the connections that you’ve imagined.

logo design

Evolving Design

  • -Professional sketching and drafting
  • -Brand integration in logo design
  • -Color matching and style derivation

Variations and Style

  • – Variations for use with different backgrounds
  • – Logo design source files
  • – Styled to fit work existing brand content

5 Steps to a Pixel Perfect Logo

Our research & development team strive to fully understand each client’s needs before starting work.



A well incorporated logo begins with research. We take the time to understand our client’s business in all its aspects:

Company Standards and Values
Being in tune with your company’s ethos gives us a chance to craft a logo that best represents the brand.

Company Market Category
Every market comes with a common style that is easily recognized. Our expertise in different markets drives our creation process, and helps us deliver elegant and practical solutions.

Target Audience and Goal
Your desired target audience effects the style of your logo. A younger target audience will catch on to brighter colors and edgier designs, while an older audience will tend to be attracted to sophisticated, outspoken looks.

Desired Application
Will the logo be in print? online? or both? On what material will it be used on? All variations and applications are taken into account in our design process to make your logo usable in any situation without compromise.



The perfect look for your brand deserves hand-on attention, that’s why we’ll often go through dozens of drafts with pencil and paper before moving onto digital design.

Concept -> Sketch
Sketches develop from concepts. What is the goal of the logo? Whether it is to incorporate certain letters or colors, we start with ideas then draft as many realizations as possible.

Our graphic designers are trained to hand sketch every concept to craft that perfect logo design.

Drafts are presented in full color and design to advance the project.



After refining sketches, we select the best out of the bunch and start digitally designing for presentation.

We pick different styles of sketches so you can pick a logo design path to go with.



At this stage the logo starts to pick up character. We pick one logo from the design bunch and work closely the client to perfect it.

A logo that sits well takes time, and it’s at this step that we take the most time to find and clean up any imperfections.

Refinement involves progressively removing all unneeded elements from a logo and adding finishing touches.

Business Cards, Letterheads, Posts Cards, Envelopes, and more. Application of the finished logo in quality web and print design is our speciality!



After a logo is designed, an overall brand identity must be developed to insure scalability and versatility of the logo

Guides and Application
We can develop style guides that show exactly how to use the logo in different situations and print mediums.

Brand Integration
Our logos are designed with business in mind, we’ll make it work with all your business needs!

Perfection, one pixel at a time.

We’re a web agency with a passion.