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The Graphic Design USA 2016 Award Winners

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Congratulations to the GD USA 2016 Web and Graphic Design Winners

Each winner brought to the table innovation, creativity, and perspective which resulted in some of the best graphic designs of 2016. These designers are at the forefront of their respective fields, and deserve accolades for their work. These designs, and designs like them, set the tone of the industry. Many people look at these designs for inspiration. Undoubtedly, these designs will create the trends which will shape our industry this year.  To see the full list of winners, visit the GD USA Website 

We chose to spotlight two categories which are near and dear to us: Advertising + Promotion, and Website Design

2016 Web Design: Advertising + Promotion



2016 Web Design: Websites


Good work all! And Congratulations on your 2016 win.

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