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Frequently Asked Questions: Importance of SEO in Modern Business

September 14, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions: Importance of SEO in Modern Business The importance of SEO in modern business cannot be understated. Today’s consumers are shifting the business landscape away from brick and mortar stores, and into the digital realm. More people buy goods and services online than ever before, and all signs point to continued growth. In […]


Best Websites for Small Business Owners

September 7, 2016

The Best Websites for Small Business Owners: What They Offer Networking is essential for small business owners.  Connections allow a new business to grow, and meet the needs of its customers. Small businesses establish themselves, and create an online presence through networking.  Small businesses have to networking online in order to be successful in today’s market. We […]

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Marketing Conferences | An Invaluable Tool for Small Business Owners

April 5, 2016

Marketing Conferences are a great resource for valuable information – As a small business owner, you know that the market place is a vicious competition for being noticed, and as more and more start ups crop up in homes across the country; the competition is only becoming that much more intense. The central theme; the […]


Quartz Changes Mobile News & Signifies Shift in Web Use

February 23, 2016

      Mobile News Has a New Face, and it May Signify a Much Larger Change in How We Use the Internet         Released this year- the Quartz Mobile News App is an innovation that promises to change the way you and I get our news. This innovation may also signify […]

how can online reviews affect your business

How Online Reviews Affect Your Business

February 2, 2016

    Online Reviews- How Important Are They?   In this day-and-age, with technology on a seemingly limitless rise, business owners are faced with new and challenging problems which businesses before have no had to face. With so much information out there, sifting through the mess to find out what is really important to a […]


April 22, 2015

We recently outfitted another local Los Angeles business, with a new website! Los Angeles Garage Doors & Gates is a full service garage and gate company, located locally, in Tarzana. Everything from new garage and gate installation, to the repair of openers and entry systems, this company handles it! They’ve been working in the […]

proj_web_sta | Sock Savers

We recently Launch another ecommerce website,! is the “go-to” source for innovative and sustainable dress socks for men. They are specially equipped with the simple snap system, a patented pairing technology for an easy laundry process and no more lost socks! Named after Anthony of Padua, the Patron Saint of recovering lost articles, […]


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